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The Idea Behind Tumbina

This park projects something different about Bintulu that the other town didn't have. Each town at the moment is encouraged to project its own image and we have to think very hard to see what can make a town more beautiful, but you feel different from other town.

I think Bintulu, projecting Tumbina is one of those things. And in the case of Bintulu itself, when Bintulu becomes an industrial town, any bit or pieces of open space, park, recreational facilities, or things like zoos and botanical garden will make a great difference to the life of people in Bintulu.

So when BDA planned for Tumbina next to the seaside, it has got in mind something that can attract a busy population during weekend and the school children to come to see the beauty of nature and to enjoy more pleasant surrounding than what an industrial town can offer in the future.

So I believe this is what makes Tumbina in the setting of Bintulu, quite unique.

Chairman, BDA
Berita Binda (Julai - September 1993)

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