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Major Attraction

Being The First Of Its Kind In The Land Of The Hornbill, Taman Tumbina Bintulu is a unique and a must-visit place whenever you are in Bintulu.

Various Collections Of Animals: A majority of which are animals found in Borneo.

Exotic animals specially brought into Sarawak like the tiger and flamingo are the only ones in Sarawak.

The Hornbill Collection at Tumbina is amongst the highest concentration of species of hornbills in captivity.

Tumbina has a large collection of plants and beautiful landscape.

The Orchid Garden contained a wide array of both species and hybrid specimens.
A touch of desert is also potrayed at its Succulent Collection. Other plants of unique interest are found at Bougainvillaea Garden, Fernery, Hibiscus Hill, a little bit of herbs, tropical fruit orchard, Palm Collection and a myriad of colourful flowers.

The latest attraction at Tumbina is the Alam Kelebar (Butterfly World). Presently it's made up of only an insectary and a temporary breeding room. Soon to follow are the Gallery and R&D Room.

The diversity at Tumbina also encompasses the structural design of local architecture.

Attraction of Tumbina is further enhanced by its location. Centrally located between the Bintulu town center and Kidurong Industrial Estate gives its visitors a vantage point to see the whole of Bintulu from a bird's eye point of view.

Tumbina's undulating topography and facing the South China Sea are additional reasons for visitors to experience a memorable visit here. On fine evenings, Tumbina is also one of the most strategic locations to watch the sun set in Bintulu.

Souvenir Shop
Tumbina's customized souvenir items are available here.
Selected local handicrafts, books, collector's item and other souvenirs are also available.
The shop is expected to start operation end of 2005.

Girls & Ostrich
Bird Cage Hornbill


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